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We are senior consultants who can help you:
– to identify, evaluate and attract
– not only the best candidate
– but also, the one that will provide you with the best operational added value,
– and who will stay.
– Because we will have validated the candidates professional and interpersonal skills but also the cultural adequacy according to your project.
Our skills in identifying talent cover industry sectors, services, products, consumer goods, technology and finance.
Exclusively for Executive or operational functions at Comex level.


External Board effectiveness review:
Seven reasons to implement Board review every three years:
– Enhance relations within the Board and between the Board and top management,
– Improve processes within the Board (agenda, information, meetings),
– Make communication among Members more transparent,
– Enable high-performing level (in line with the best players on the market),
– The International Proxy Association recommends board assessment,
– Enhance the quality of information available to shareholders and the market (“Comply or Explain”),
– Strengthen decision-making processes, particularly during periods of succession or crisis,


The specifics of a non-executive director’s approach:
– Since all Directors are at executive level, we most often use a sequential process because of the sensitive nature of the contact.
– We know when and how to approach them, directly on their mobile phones, with our regularly updated database of 2000 contacts.
– More and more often, we are asked to conduct this research on a global basis, with specific skills and regional exposure. The aim is to bring together high-level leaders from different cultures and with complementary DNAs.
– We are familiar with the governance rules in the country of origin of the profiles we target and explain to them the differences with the rules applied in France.
– The Chairman of the Board informs us of his expectations in terms of the new Member’s contribution to the Board’s dynamics (strategic vision, CEO dimension, financial expertise, marketing, HR, regional exposure, political or business network in a region of the world…).
– The same applies to the committees (Audit, Nomination, Remuneration, Governance, Strategy, CSR) on which he/she will sit.
– We identify the other current mandates of the contacted prospect and his/her availability in relation to his/her mandates and/or his current executive position.
– Finally, we validate the absence of conflicts of interest between the Boards of Directors of which he/she is already a Member and yours.


In the event of restructuring, implementation of a long-term strategy plan, economic slowdown, internal crisis, succession… we are also able to provide you with governance advice in the following areas:
– CEO or Chairman succession planning (at his request or at the request of the shareholders),
– Renewal of the Board including diversity issues,
– Executive compensation,
– Analysis of recent changes in legislative and regulatory governance,
– Compliance with the “comply or explain” rule,
– Compliance & risk identification tools,
– Composition of the Boards during and after a crisis,
– Identification of a talent pool for future Board Members,
– Governance training for new Board Members.


Our coaches support leaders around leadership issues: trust, authority, emotional intelligence, communication, crisis management and professional transitions.

Fully committed to a partnership, the coach helps the manager to (re) deploy his/her own potential by:

  • putting in perspective the experiences through cognitive, relationship and emotional prismes,
  • identifying brakes and obstacles and overcoming them through updated new interpretations,
  • enlightening personal values and strengths,
  • developing structuring compasses and pragmatic and achievable drivers of growth, for the sake of his/her organization.



Our team assists you in every steps of the process of executive and non-executive searches with rigor and inventiveness.

Our firm also advises you on the governance issues that your company may face: executive successions, diversity within your Board or evaluating its effectiveness...

Whatever the nature of the mission, we have developed a culture of excellence and we are seen as a trusted advisor: a service where freedom of spirit, courage, reactivity and creativity are systematically combined.